In our production we use different thermoformable materials coupled with fabrics and leather.

City line

NEW SAFETY WORK produces various items ideal for both men’s and women’s city shoes. Production includes arch-supports in PE, Eva, PU soft, all combined with technical fabrics or leather, with perforations for ventilation.

Trekking, mountain-climbing, and ski line

For footwear for hiking, mountain climbing, skiing,  etc. ... NEW SAFETY WORK has designed a range of products able to ensure lasting comfort along with high levels of breathability and moisture absorbency. These are mainly arch-supports in latex- and resin-free felts with the possibility of applications and reinforcements in PE and/or EVA for greater comfort and reduced foot fatigue.

Safety line

These technical articles are specifically designed for the safety footwear sector to comply with current regulations. NEW SAFETY WORK has a wide range of antistatic arch-supports in latex foam and in thermoformable felt laminated with antistatic linings, along with heel pads in PE and/or felt-pressed PE.